Emese B Design offers modern sophisticated and inspiring clothing for women, making them feel confident and look stylish. In addition to ready-to-wear selection on offer, we also specialise in bespoke clothes, using only the finest materials and highly skilled seamstresses to maintain our high standards.

The idea to create a service for chic, discreet and fun bespoke dressmaking comes from Emese’s love for custom-made garments, premium materials as well as finding it hard to find the perfect fit. Her professional background in design and tailoring, and the realisation that many women struggle to find comfortable, flattering and well-fitting  clothes contributed to the decision to launch her company. 
Emese B is not about fast fashion; each item is individually crafted using only the finest materials and most importantly they are created with joy and passion. 

Emese B Design has moved from London and re-launched in Vienna, Austria in April 2019 to start a new venture.