Vienna waits for you..

“Slow down, you’re doing fine
You can’t be everything you want to be before your time..
It’s all right you can loose a day or two
When will you realise Vienna waits for you” -
Billy Joel, Vienna

The present Emese B Design collection, Vienna Waits for You…, is inspired by Billy Joel’s song “Vienna”, with the added coincident that the collection is also being launched in Vienna.

We all have our dreams and goals, but it’s important to take time and enjoy the present moment – not just when we’ve reached our goals.  Sometimes, it feels like we’re on a predetermined timeline and we need to fulfil our dreams by a certain date, year or age. But, as Billy sings, “you can’t be everything you want to be before your time.”

It has been my dream to move to Vienna and launch Emese B Design for years; the rich tradition and history alongside its contemporary and modern cultural scene excited me. My design concept is to marry old traditional methods with modern technology, which I feel resonates with this beautiful mixture found in Vienna.

 Moving here makes me feel like I’m on my path to fulfilling my Vienna, and my hopes. 

”The design philosophy of Emese B Design is– “Ihre besten Seiten zum strahlen zu lassen” to let our best self shine. With this in mind, my designs are able to inspire confidence and self-assurance, and to give customers the ability to express their personality in their style. This is not only about appearance; identity comes from our experiences and from within, but it’s empowering to be able to transfer this visually. Our style is an echo of ourselves and who we are, it is how we communicate with the world around us.

We enjoy the process of designing and creating our collections that will help you embrace your dream and find “your Vienna” with a garment that is perfect for any special occasion.


Photo: Claudia Prieler
Model: Hanna Gumpinger
MUA: Anna Irene Eberle

A Hint of Festive

With the festive period dawning upon us it’s time to prepare for the party season, filled with all sorts of embellishments and sparkles to add glamour to our wardrobe during the cold winter months. The upcoming festivities are all about indulging ourselves a little, one way of doing so is by adding feathers to an outfit. They have begun to reappear creating a sense of retro glamour – one reminiscent of 1920s flappers who were draped in elegance. Feathers are often used by designers as they provide an additional sense of movement due to the light-weight nature of the material and add a luxurious texture.A more adventurous way of adding a feathery focal point is the use of false eyelashes, which certainly draw attention and creates a delicate yet equally dramatic look. However, for those a little less daring opt for a feathered trim using neutral coloured feathers, this produces a more subtle and sophisticated look for those office parties.
Treat yourself this year and try the bespoke services provided by Emese B Design, consisting of made to measure and uniquely created garments. To get started email: to book an appointment and look truly fabulous this season.

Budapest Story, Chapter Three - Gerlóczy Café and Rooms deLux

The location of our third photoshoot  was at Gerlóczy Café, a Parisian-style restaurant and a boutique hotel with a timeless ambiance in the heart of Budapest, which is a popular meeting point for locals. It's elegant, relaxed and romantic, like Emese's pieces!

We once stumbled upon it by  accident, when we were caught by a sudden storm. We enjoyed the atmosphere inside the restaurant and soon discovered that above the Café is a hotel with a stained-glass ceiling and a gleaming golden spiral staircase. From that instant, we knew we needed to use this venue.

Having a mix of Art Deco, modernist features and rooms decorated in a Parisian-boho-chic style, we managed to capture some really eye catching moments!    

(In Steven Spielberg's film Munich, the terrace of Gerlóczy served as the location for a Paris-based scene.)                                                                                                                                                                                          



Budapest Story, Chapter Two - Danube and Monarchia

Having Europe's second-largest river, the Danube, we are spoilt. If you like working from a boat, you can do it in Budapest. Emese does it frequently.

One day on a boat she started chatting with Laci, the proud owner of the vessel Monarchia. Laci is full of stories. One of his favourite one about when the descendants of the Romanov and the Habsburg dynasty gathered on this very same boat to celebrate the publishing of a book "Alexandra", about the Grand Douches Alexandra Pavlovna of Russia. He still has vivid memories of that evening. 

It was a great surprise and pleasure when he offered the boat to be used for a photo shoot. Even though the weather was not ideal, Laci did everything he could to help including turning around several times in the middle of the river to get that great shoot. 

Budapest Story, Chapter One - Zwack Museum and Factory

When we were discussing the photo shoot of Emese B’s new pieces - called "Budapest Story"-, we wanted something Budapest-related as Emese is partly based in the capital of Hungary. It was obvious to contact the Zwack Factory and Museum - which happens to be in Emese’s neighbourhood - , as it’s a hidden gem, full of history and secrets. The Budapest factory is home to the production of Zwack family’s flagship brand, classic Unicum, and known as one of the national drinks of Hungary, along with pálinka.

One day, back in 1790, Emperor Joseph II of the Habsburg monarchy was struck by indigestion. His royal physician, a certain Dr József Zwack, treated him with a herbal mixture containing 40 different herbs from all around the world. The Emperor announced: Dr Zwack, das ist ein Unikum!  And so the name was born.

We were lucky to get the Unicum cellar for the photo shoot, quite an unusual venue, a labyrinth with almost 500 oak barrels where the Unicum is aged for half a year. The visitors can taste the original Unicum and the Unicum Plum straight from the oak barrels enjoying the fragrances and the flavours of these herb liqueurs.

Come behind the scenes of our photo shoot!